D-C Aluminium Columns & Pillars

Kensington’s DC range offer cast decorative and architectural columns, made up of bases, shafts, capitals and decorative rings which can be chosen independently of each other to ensure a unique design. The shafts and components are available in three diameters; 60, 80 and 100mm, two models; smooth or grooved); and three standard lengths; 2000, 2500 and 3000mm.

Consider the advantages of our cast aluminium columns in comparison with columns in cast ironour columns and pillars are three times lighter than similar items in cast iron and are thus much easier to handle and to install. And further: our decorative columns can be delivered at the exact height you need, at no extra cost.

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These cast architectural and decorative columns can also be used as structural elements. A 2500mm column, with a diameter of 80mm can bear up to 5.1 metric tons. A column of the same height but built in a diameter of 100mm can bear up to 14 metric tons when filled with concrete.

Our tailor-made traditional cast architectural columns can be used outdoor; porches, terraces, gazebo’s, verandas, pergolas, patios and terraces, as well as indoor; decoration, renovation, restaurants, loggias, mezzanines and lofts. Since aluminium is three times lighter than steel, our columns are very easy to install.

Aluminium Columns Brochure