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About us

The Kensington Balustrade Systems brand name is synonymous with product excellence and quality. Our record of customer satisfaction extends over a 30-year period, with repeat specification from architects, interior designers and house builders. Our customer base ranges through; metalworkers, joinery companies, staircase renovators, glaziers, steel fabricators and many more. With an extensive list of over 10,000 products to offer, here at Kensington Traders we can proudly claim to be a leading supplier of architectural metalwork components and fittings. 

Our technical department is available to offer advice on such matters as; Building Regulations, Appropriate Systems, Sizes and Dimensions etc. For those seeking to install any of our products, working drawings form an integral part of the quotation package.


We thank you for choosing our site and hope you have found our products of interest. Your home surroundings will be greatly enhanced by the use of a Kensington Product.

Contact us today with your requirements and we will provide you with a detailed quote that matches your specifications.

Kensington Balustrade

It is the policy of Kensington Traders Limited to provide a high level of quality, and a professional and efficient service in order to ensure satisfaction for all of its interest parties. Please click the link to our ‘Quality Policy’ to view our guidance on this.

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