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Grande Forge

Kensington’s Grande Forge range is synonymous with quality. Providing an exclusive range of Staircases, Brass, Nickel, Stainless Steel and Wrought Iron balusters and associated components. 

For luxurious environments

Grande Forge products are designed for the most luxurious environments; hotels, conference centres and luxury homes amongst a few. Grande Forge offer CAD facilities to the professional designers and Kensington’s technical department will assist with all necessary support. Grande Forge offer a complete range of traditional wrought iron and architectural metalwork for us in manufacture of stairs, gates and railings etc.

In 2018, Grande Forge introduced a brand new Carbon Range of handrails and accessories for staircases and balustrades. Please see link below for the full brochure:

Joining Instructions for MCL profiles:

By Welding - You should use an alloy with low silver content, to meet the brass colour. Fusion temperature close to 700-800°C. Cleaning and repolishing may lead to a tougher job.

By Butting - If the job is made properly, this will look like a hair lying down on the handrail. To meet this target, two critical issues have to be solved: a precise length cutting and sharp ends. Polishing makes the edges round. To avoid that, you can add a short piece at the end of the handrail and remove it when completed.


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